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Mission Statement

Christy Sports is committed to outstanding customer service, far beyond the customer's expectations and to providing the best products, and the most knowledgable staff in order to promote lasting customer loyalty and trust.

Rental Reservations

Christy Sports ski and snowboard rental reservation department  is situated in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.  Our agents are all avid in snow sports and undergo extensive training to ensure you are matched with equipment that best suits your needs and your budget.  We will reserve your equipment at a store most convenient to your lodging or travel destination. 


In 1958, two skiers decided they loved the sport so much, they would open up a ski shop on West Colfax Ave.  Back in those days, Ed and Gale Crist spent their weekends rounding up their customers in a yellow bus to head for the ski slopes.  Today, Christy Sports remains a company of skiers and riders who love to play.  In the early 70's, we followed our hearts and opened stores at Copper Mountain and Vail.  Being closer to the mountains meant we could be closer to the sport.  The rest is pretty much history.  Christy Sports now has over 40 locations throughout the Rocky Mountains.  As a result, most of our employees are serious skiers and snowboarders who have a genuine desire to serve our customers.

After so many years in the ski business we know that there's no such thing as the "best equipment".  There's only the equipment that's best for you.  Choosing the right gear requires a great deal of experience and a great selection of product.  At Christy Sports you will find both.  As serious skiers and riders, we take your complete satisfaction personally.  That's why you won't find a thing in our stores that we haven't put to the test ourselves.  Don't you think skiers ought to be in the ski business?  Come see what a difference it makes.

Christy Sports L.L.C. is currently the largest specialty ski and snowboard retailer and snow sport service specialist in the Rocky Mountain region.  The key here is we are specialists in a very exciting and challenging industry.  Skiing, snowboarding, snow-shoeing, mountain biking and outdoor furniture are our areas of specialty in the outdoor sports industry.  We are not, nor do we want to be a retailer of all sporting goods.  We are proud of our specialty recognition with quality products and knowledgable service at convenient locations.


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