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Airline Baggage Fees

 Could the airlines have made traveling with bags more confusing? 

Christy Sports has bundled this information for your convenience and hopefully your sanity. 

Renting your gear from Christy Sports will save you time, money and aggravation!


Airline Baggage Fees

While most airlines charge substanial fees for oversize baggage, some exempt skis and snowboards from their policy.  Please refer to the the chart below for our take on the various airline policies.


  Allow Ski/Board
As First Bag
Bag Fee
Link To
Delta Y $15-25 N/A here
American Airlines Y $15-25 N/A here
Continential Y $15-25 N/A here
United Airlines N N/A $100* here
Frontier N N/A $50 here

All fees are each way.  *United charges for bags that are over 158cm in length




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