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Park City Ski Rental - Snowboard Rentals

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Park City Utah

 Park City Ski and Snowboard Rentals

Christy Sports is the best Park City ski rental and snowboard rental shop because we maintain high quality skis and boards that feature the latest rocker technology. If you need to rent skis or snowboards in Park City, there is no staff more expert than the team at Christy’s to setup your Park City ski rentals and snowboard rentals. We work to make sure that all Park City ski rentals and snowboard rentals that pass through our door fit the guest correctly and complement the guest’s ability level and terrain preferences.

Events in Park City

Park City is one of the liveliest ski towns in the world. It is constantly buzzing, as the headquarters of the US Ski Team and the home of many world-class events like the Sundance Film Festival. Park City used to have very distinct seasons in terms of visitor traffic, with the highpoints being the winter season from Thanksgiving to early spring and then the height of summer. The town has grown to be a year-round attraction, ensuring that there is a continuous stream of events and things to-do regardless of when you plan to visit.

 Skiing in Park City

At Park City, you’ll experience Utah’s amazing snow – the greatest snow on Earth if you ask the locals – and an amazing town. Why else would the US Ski Team make it their home base?  Not only is the snow amazing, but the terrain is varied enough to give everyone from beginners to experts a run for their money.

  • Expert skiers: will be at home back at Jupiter Bowl and Jupiter Peak, where you’ll face the difficult choice of hiking Pinecone Ridge or jetting over to McConkey’s Bowl via Pinyon Ridge.
  • Less experienced skiers: the front side of the resort has much to offer, which is full of greens and blues, alongside a good selection of blacks and double blacks as well when you’re ready to give something steeper a shot.

Given the variety of terrain at Park City, be sure to talk with your ski rental tech about what type of skier you are, so we can be sure to set you up on the most appropriate skis or board for your style.

If it’s powder day, stop on by to demo some rocker skis, which will make skiing the soft stuff effortless so you can charge all day long. If instead the runs have seen a lot of traffic and there’s been a spell with no snow, no worries. We’ll hook you up with some carving or all-mountain skis that’ll arc on the groomers and blast through the crud.

No matter your level or the conditions, it’s our job at Christy Sports to make sure that your equipment performs and fits, so you’ll have the endurance to make lap after lap on this great mountain.

 Christy Sports in Park City

Since our staff is on the mountain whenever they aren’t in the shop, they’re your best resource for understanding what parts of the mountain are skiing the best. So when we’re getting your boots to fit just right, be sure to quiz us on the conditions and things going on around town.

At Christys we are people who love to play, and who love to spread our enthusiasm for snow sports. We offer the best ski rental deal in Park City. If you make your ski rental reservation online in advance we’ll sweeten that deal by knocking 20% off of the walk-in rate. 


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